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All our dolls are handmade. We start the process with liquid porcelain, to craft for you...

A porcelain doll, which can be as unique as yourself.


Your porcelain doll can be designed and customized to your specification.

Handmade clothing, custom wigs, even eye and skin color.

Latest Doll Designs

Our Quality

Starting with high quality base molds (Parker-Levy) of 1/12th scale, and finnest grade liquid porcelain, we create porcelain dolls of many different types and sizes.

All our dolls are lovingly crafted by the artisan, piece by piece. This makes each single doll unique and one-of-a-kind.

From casting each separate part, to sanding by hand of the porcelain parts, through handpainting to give a realistic skin hue and texture, each step is done by hand.

The making of props such as clothing, small assets such as bouquets, shoes, handbags, wigs, to name a few items is also done by the artisan herself, all by hand, stitch by stitch.

This also applies to themed doll scenes, which are custom created inhabitants (or sets of inhabitants) to fit your specific dollhouse.

This makes your Needles and Clay dolls a treasure worth cherishing, and a heirloom worthy of the name.

Doll Kits

We offer a range of kits for those enthusiasts who are more advanced and wish to do some of the work themselves.

What Kits are available?

From complete dolls for assembly to multipart kits, in bisque or finished, which require different levels of expertise.

Recent Events

Gaia Miniaturas - 2016

We where present at Gaia Miniaturas 2016. See their Facebook Event page.

Lisboa Minis - 2016

We also attended Lisboa Minis Fair in 2016. Looking forward to next year. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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